I am doing some research into our faculty union, the Concordia University Faculty Association. I served as a Councilor in 2015-2016 and 2020-2021, including serving on the EDI committee in 2021. CUFA is a pretty conservative union that needs to be reformed. This section includes my research on reforming the union. I also include extant versions of CUFA Constitution, and some recent resolutions by the CUFA General Assembly. I support the current proposal to ensure multiple, diverse candidates for Executive positions.

What Needs to be Done

The Executive should draw on past experience and be responsive to rank-and-file members’ needs and expertise. CUFA needs to restore its own democratic practices eroded over time: election of Councilors rather than allowing appointment by department chair (2010 vs 2020 Constitutions); providing place, time, and documents for all Council meetings in advance to the entire membership (CUFA Report, September 2008); presentations of position statements by candidates for Executive at the General Assembly (CUFA Report, March 2010). General Assembly should vote on motions as a collective body rather than voting “to express views of those in attendance” (2008 vs 2020 Constitutions). GA should “define the general policy of the Union” (as in UQAM Constitution).