I teach history at Concordia University in Montreal and make radio at McGill station CKUT.

Digital Humanities for What?

ASA 2012 talk, with sources: American Studies as a field remains committed to social activism and critique of power relations, on the one hand, and confronts the current rapid transformation of technologies, on the other. It has a strong “political … Continue reading

Found in Russian Translation

ACS Crossroads 2012 talk, with sources: When The Iron Lady came out in Russia in March 2012, many spectators saw instead a pirated version with a voiceover translation, depicting Margaret Thatcher as a working-class hating, Hitler-loving bloodthirsty imperialist. Three Russian … Continue reading

Surveillance: A Correlative History

OAH 2012 talk, with sources: On March 8, 1971, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI broke into the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and got away with all its documents. An antiwar WIN magazine published 271 of the stolen … Continue reading